Laminate Flooring in Bournemouth

A very versatile floor that mimics both wood and stone finishes but is much easier to lay and can be a highly cost effective alternative to either. Laminate floors enable you to cover your floors with realistic, scratch and other external factor resistant, qualitative products that are easy to install and have such wood effects as oak maple and many other or stone and ceramic finishes. They provide a perfect blend of trendy and timeless colours allowing you to find a floor that will be in perfect harmony with your home.

We recommend the Woodpecker range as our experience over many years of this product has lead us to the view that it is one of the best around. We can supply other brands but suggest you come and see why we suggest Woodpecker before you place an order.


Although fitting these floors can be undertaken as a DIY project we recommend using a professional fitting service which will quickly and easily ensure that the end result is what you expected.

To find out how a laminate floor can work in your home please call us on the number below or email us and we will get back to you.


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